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Tiffany's Story of Possibility

Community Liaison


“I’m striving to be all that I can be for whoever’s coming after me.”

Born addicted to heroin, Tiffany followed in her mother’s footsteps, whose addiction turned fatal, and began using.
This led to a cycle of addiction and incarceration for roughly 25 years. Abandonment and mistrust supplemented her addiction, leaving her with little support. She believed herself to be unworthy of love. Letting go of the old ways she used to live proved to be tougher than expected. 


Accustomed to the cycle of addiction for so many years, making a major decision to become sober seemed nearly impossible.
“You kind of grieve that old lifestyle, the old path, where you just numb everything, and now you’re facing reality, so that was hard to overcome but I did” Looking to God and recollecting on how far her faith has gotten her, has helped Tiffany grow and thrive in her recovery journey. When choosing sobriety seems tougher than usual, she can lean on her faith.


Tiffany heard about the success stories that have come from Unshattered through peers in the recovery program she completed at Hoving Home.
At first, she was hesitant to join us largely because she didn’t know how to sew. But, after some consideration, she made the decision to give it a shot. And, guess what? Tiffany is now an amazing seamstress! 


Being a part of Unshattered has formed a foundation of care for Tiffany,
“It means a lot, cause we all have come from broken homes or stuff that happened in the past and we made some bad choices”. Unshattered has carefully crafted a safe environment by providing counseling if anyone ever needs to talk. In addition to outside counseling, having a support system of women who can share in some life experiences and lift each other up can really make a difference. 


Throughout her career at Unshattered, Tiffany has worked her way up from Trainee to Seamstress and, now, to Community Liaison!
Before becoming a member of our team Tiffany admits, “I couldn’t hold a job for a month, but this is the longest I’ve held a job. It provides a way to not go back to old things and provides pathways for a better future”. Perseverance and hard work have allowed her to come farther than she ever has before and built up confidence in her abilities. 


“I’m proud of myself.
I’m proud of me today. To being here, to overcome everything that happened in my past, everything that was done to be, to be here- it’s not easy but I did a lot of work to get to where I’m at.”

Recovery and sustained sobriety is not something to gloss over.
Tiffany is immensely dedicated and never fails to express herself in a professional, but joyful way. Her upbeat attitude and love for interacting with others has made her the perfect choice for our new online shopping concierge! Though it’s a big task, we know Tiffany is up for the challenge and can’t wait to help the next batch of customers. “I learned that things I think I can’t do, I have to do to reach my potential”