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Create a Made to Order Bag

Made to order handcrafted duffle bag from Unshattered in a gray fabric.

Need more pockets? Want a zipper? Need special accessibility features?

Start with our fabrics and work with our designers to create a one-of-a-kind bag that’s just for you. Select your interior and exterior fabrics, hardware, label color and then customize to (nearly) your heart’s content. Within the bounds of our equipment and skill set, you can edit shapes, add special features, and adjust strap lengths to make just the bag you’ve dreamed of.

Made to order:

$25 reservation fee plus made to order bags are 10% above stock price
 Start with a stock design, edit accents and choose your materials to select specific fabric, hardware colors, label color, or strap lengths. Add features such as additional pockets, zippers, or change the dimensions of the bag for an additional fee.

Made to order bags are stock price + 10%. Changes to dimensions or additional features priced accordingly. 

From scratch:

$25 reservation fee plus pricing determined by final design.
Our fabrics, your design! Work with our designer to make a one of a kind bag from scratch. We can’t do it all but we can come close! (We only commit to designs and features we know we can execute with excellence. Some designs require special equipment we do not have available.) Once you have approved the design, our highest level artisans get to work, handcrafting your perfect bag. See some of our latest made-to-order designs below including bags addressing disability issues such as carrying an oxygen tank or hiding a feeding tube. 

This is a great option for specific need bags including features for disability requirements such as oxygen tanks, wheelchairs, feeding tubes, etc. 

From scratch bags are priced based on the complexity of design and materials used. Pricing to be determined at the time of the appointment.

Made to order yoga bag handcrafted from upcycled military uniform hanging on a mannequin.
Made to order market bag handcrafted from upcycled new york city banner fabric, hanging from a mannequin.

How to commission your made-to-order bag:

Schedule a virtual or in-personal consultation with our custom designer.

Work with our expert-level artisans to design your beautiful and meaningful new bag

Pay via invoice.*

Enjoy your one of a kind bag!

Things to Note:

We start the production process as soon as the invoice is paid. We typically complete your project within 2-3 weeks. Wait time may be longer during holiday seasons.

The price for your one-of-a-kind bag includes:

  • design consultation with our design team trained by leading designers from brands such as Henri Bendel, Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, Karl Lagerfeld and more. 
  • 100% premium quality upcycled fabrics from sources such as Fabricut, S. Harris, UltraFabrics, Edelman Leather, and more
  • handcrafted production by our expert-level artists. 
  • detailed project management from start to finish.
  • 18 point quality control.
  • personal touch packaging with a note of appreciation.
  • official status as an Ambassador of Possibility!

We can't wait to create with you! Have more questions? Need an off-hours appointment time? Email us.

*Please note we charge a non-refundable $25 reservation fee. We understand that things come up and in the event, you need to reschedule or make a change to your consulation, we will do our best to accomodate your needed chnages. We kindly ask for a 24-hour notice for changes or cancellations.

Why Unshattered - Callout.png__PID:2cb08fef-82e7-4bd2-98a2-87ea5259b535

Why Unshattered?

When you support Unshattered, you are offering women a combination of community, employment, and personal and professional development. This combination gives them the opportunity to find their purpose and live an addiction-free life. Just like your handbag, these women are being made new again.