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Secrets of the Bag

Every bag at Unshattered is handcrafted from something discarded made whole again. Our women spend hours handcrafting and transforming each and every one of them. They represent second chances for both our materials and the women who work with them.

In honor of these women and those still struggling in addiction, we have hidden three secrets within each bag we make: 

Secret 1

We Hide a Secret Message Inside Each Bag

Each bag includes a message written on the inside of the liner by the artist who makes it. The message is sewn up inside the bag where you can’t see it. Each artist chooses her message for each individual bag and writes something meaningful for her; perhaps a verse, her numbers of days of sobriety, or a prayer for the future owner.

Secret 2

We Name Our Bags After People Who Are Still Struggling With Addiction

Each of our bags is named after somebody we know of who is still struggling with addiction. The artists behind each bag pray for this individual as they are making it. We receive names from organizations like She Has A Name and Faces of Change in Camden, NJ, which work with individuals still on the streets. We let our customers know they are carrying their bag in honor of someone we hope finds healing, just like the women on our team have. Have someone you'd like us to pray for and name a bag after? Send us their first name. 

Secret 3

We Incorporate A Nod to the Japanese Art Form of Kintsugi

Inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi, which uses gold lacquer to repair broken pottery, your Unshattered bag has a gold seam sewn within it to remind us that, like our team, some things are more valuable and beautiful for having been broken.Just like our women.

Why Unshattered?

When you support Unshattered, you are offering women a combination of community, employment, and personal and professional development. This combination gives them the opportunity to find their purpose and live an addiction-free life. Just like your handbag, these women are being made new again.