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Employee Impact Stories

Meet the women artisans committed to addiction-free lives.

Everyday, the women of Unshattered prove it's possible to survive and thrive after addiction. They are Ambassadors of Possibility! Here are their stories.


Product Manager & Creative Lead

Moving to a new school as a preteen led to experimental drug use. Over-prescription of pain killers after a car accident led to a heroin addiction. Now, Amanda is a mom, a leader, and a talented custom handbag designer!


Lead Designer & Textile Specialist

Nearly an entire lifetime of trauma led Lois into despair. Drinking alcohol was easier than trying to believe she had any value. Today, she's a dynamite designer and genius kit maker!

Read Lois' Story of Possibility


Resource Coordinator & Seamstress

Abuse and dysfunction early in life lead Kaylene to tread the waters of anxiety, rejection, and, eventually, an addiction to alcohol! But, with the love and support of family and community, she's learning that you are never too old to learn a new thing or to make a difference in a life!

Read Kaylene's Story of Possibility


Business Architect and Operations Lead

After experiencing early trauma, Maria struggled with major depressive disorder and anxiety. When she was introduced to alcohol in her teens, she thought it was the only way to cope. This lead her into an alcohol addiction that threatened to take her life. But now, she's a sober and thriving single mom who photographs our stunning products and is a technical mastermind.


Read Maria's Story of Possibility


Product Photographer & Inventory Manager

Experiencing intense verbal, mental and physical abuse in a relationship that should have been safe, Amberlee felt desperate to escape. With prescription drugs easily accessible, she turned to them to numb the pain and slowly she lost everything. But then, she entered recovery and her faith in God showed her that she could be safe and whole. Now she is a confident woman who is challenging herself as she masters seamstress and photography skills!

Read Amberlee's Story of Possibility



Stuck in a relationship that was draining her emotionally, Jillian sought refuge in alcohol. Feelings of intense anger after the loss of her unborn child were hard enough to deal with and when she began to be harassed, she started to spiral into daily drinking which lead to blackouts. But then, she chose to enter a long term recovery program and begin the journey of healing and forgiveness. Now she is a joy-filled person who is restoring her relationship with her son and growing exponentially professionally as she seeks to live life to the fullest! 

Read Jillian's Story of Possibility
Chanel Employee Photo.png__PID:cbd893fe-1311-4922-842b-0e7e96abeba1



Suffering the devastating loss of her sister left Chanel without hope. She began using drugs to try and address her pain and eventually hit rock bottom. Now in recovery, Chanel has found renewed confidence and is excited about her future. She and her daughter are living a joyful life together as she looks forward to one day going to college to fulfill her dream of being a parole officer!

Read Chanel's Story of Possibility
Reina Employee Photo.png__PID:7435b4ff-31b2-43e8-9251-519ec397ffc4



Story Coming Soon!

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Story Coming Soon!

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Why Unshattered?

When you support Unshattered, you are offering women a combination of community, employment, and personal and professional development. This combination gives them the opportunity to find their purpose and live an addiction-free life. Just like your handbag, these women are being made new again.