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Jillian's Story of Possibility



“I want to live and not let life pass me by."

Jillian’s story began while caring for her young son and dealing with an absent partner.
She and her then-boyfriend would drink together every once in a while, but when he began to go out without her, Jillian didn’t know what to do. To fight off her anger when he returned home, she would drink alone. Alcohol addiction caused her entire life to change. Becoming pregnant, losing the child, and watching her boyfriend leave for someone else were the catalysts for a spiral downward into depression. “I lost a child and the person I was with. His new girlfriend started harassing me and that brought me to a lower point where I was drinking during the day”. 

It would be a while before Jillian would learn to forgive herself.
Warding off negative thoughts that had become ingrained over the years was a strenuous task. Thoughts of being unloved or unable to change plagued her mind. Entering recovery, Jillian sought to change the way she thought about herself and her past. This included forgiving her ex-boyfriend and the things she had done during her addiction. Strong friendships and faith in God fueled Jillian’s journey, and continue to do so, even when sobriety seemed like the hardest choice to make.

Becoming a part of Unshattered provided Jillian a stepping stone from rehabilitation to the world.
“I knew I wasn’t ready to just head back into the world, so to speak. I needed to be in a safe community.” In our community, Jillian has grown exponentially and continues to strive to reach her full potential. Everything Jillian has accomplished exceeded what she thought herself capable of. For the first time in a long time, Jillian can feel good about herself and confident in her abilities.

Living in the present and recognizing each moment that passes by is something Jillian works towards.
Her goal is to become the mom that she once was for her son and to build upon the strong relationship they currently have.  During her addiction, life seemed a blur. Now, she is committed to not letting life pass her by.