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Commercial Material & Supply Donations

Are you a commercial material or supply company?

We need your help!

Unshattered is a 501c3 nonprofit social enterprise whose mission is to end the addiction relapse cycle. We help women thrive in recovery from addiction by employing them to design and make premium handbags out of reclaimed, upcycled materials.

 We make our bags and accessories out of 100% upcycled leather and fabrics using discarded or end-run textiles. We partner with companies like Floor 13 Textiles, UltraFabrics, and Southwest Airlines to transform their landfill-bound textiles into gorgeous bags representing the lives of the women we serve - something discarded and without purpose into something of beauty, purpose, and meaning.

 Click to see our “Possibilities Take Flight" Collection with Southwest Airlines.


Our partners experience a tremendous impact on their brand’s environmental and social impact metrics.
Through partnership with Unshattered, you achieve the following:  

  • avoid scrap costs -  turn waste into a high-impact opportunity to change the lives of women exiting the cycle of addiction 
  • optimize tax-donation benefits
  • impact your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals 
  • extend your ethical manufacturing cycle through responsible waste practices reduce environmental impact associated with discarded textiles
  • increase employee confidence and satisfaction in your brand
  • increase customer goodwill 
  • create brand marketing opportunities to share the impact of your generous donation and partnership

Unshattered wants to be a partner in creating an impact opportunity generated from the waste of your manufacturing process. It is our goal to partner with you in transforming your waste into a life-changing opportunity for disadvantaged women.

  We make all of our products out of donated, repurposed materials including (but not limited to):

  • Premium fabric/leather/manufacturing scrap. Please note we can only accept fabric from commercial sources.
    We can make use of fabric remnants that are 10 yards or more. We prefer ends of rolls that have larger pieces of fabric if possible.

  • Racing sails

  • Military uniforms (ACUs, BDUs, Dress Uniforms, blankets, canvas, etc. No white uniforms, please.)

Please be aware that we cannot accept the following materials:

  • sheer materials
  • stretch or knit fabrics 
  • pure or majority white fabrics 
  • open-weave materials 
  • stained materials 
  • fabric stored in non-temperature controlled environments (i.e. outside storage units, etc.)

To donate please send an email to with a description of your available materials and estimated quantity.

We retain the right to refuse goods or partnerships with brands that do not align with the values of Unshattered.


We are so grateful for our donating partners:

We're looking for corporate donors for thread, hardware, interfacing, etc.

To donate please send an email with a description of your available materials and estimated quantity.

Email Us!
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Why Unshattered?

When you support Unshattered, you are offering women a combination of community, employment, and personal and professional development. This combination gives them the opportunity to find their purpose and live an addiction-free life. Just like your handbag, these women are being made new again.