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Lois' Story of Possibility

Lead Designer & Seamstress


“I’m glad for the road that I’m on and the direction that I’m going in. I’m just very glad to be alive.”

A lifetime of trauma, beginning in early childhood, planted the seeds of guilt and low self-esteem into Lois’ mind. Embedded in her personality were feelings of not being good enough. Alcohol was a way to hurt herself more than anyone else could hurt her; “I didn’t drink because I enjoy drinking or I thought it was fun to drink along with my peers. I was drinking alone to hurt myself”. Drinking became a pattern that overtook her.

The hardest thing for Lois to come to terms with during her recovery was the loss of her pets. With no children or grandchildren, she treated her animals like they were her babies. But, after being evicted from her home, Lois was forced to call animal control to put down some of her pets and take others away, “There’s just no going back or getting another set, it’s not the same”. Learning to forgive herself and properly grieve for her lost animals was a big step. What helped her to do this? Faith in God and the belief that passion and drive will fulfill whatever purpose He has in store.

Part of her desire to join Unshattered came from needing a fresh start, “I needed a reason that I did not have to go back to where I came from. I think that’s pretty much why Kelly started this organization. And I can say truthfully, that is the reason that I did it”. Lois’ past in the graphic arts also played a role in her decision. Knowing that she would be able to apply her creative gifts once again motivated her to seek employment with us. The continued use of her talents brought a renewed confidence and sense of trust in her abilities that has allowed her to create some amazing work. 

In the summer of 2021, Lois was able to go on a mission trip to El Salvador. She spent time in San Vicente providing medical aid in neighborhoods that couldn’t afford it themselves alongside doctors, pediatricians, dentists, and medical students. She went on this trip with her church, a place where she has found peace and hope. Lois not only helped the people in San Vicente, but also learned a lot about herself and all that she can do for others. 

Looking ahead towards the future, Lois hopes to one day have a children’s ministry and animal refuge in Costa Rica. It’s been her ambition for a long time to be able to help both children and animals- her mission trip to San Vicente only encouraged her dream. But, her goals don’t stop there. Lois is currently putting out feelers for an internship at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida.