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Maria's Story of Possibility

Business Architect and Operations Lead


“I can do hard things. I can face negative experiences and emotions and they do not have to control me or define me.”

Maria was first introduced to alcohol in her late teens. Struggling with self-confidence and identity due to trauma meant alcohol was an outlet, a way to be “normal”. Ultimately, it became a coping mechanism to ward off negative emotions. With the birth of her third son, Maria spiraled into a deep depression that saw her addiction get worse. 

Beginning recovery was no easy task. It meant facing the trauma and negative emotions she struggled so hard to push away. Conflict was something to be avoided, even within herself. “It was hard to overcome the need to numb, it can still be my first desire whenever I feel upset or have to face something that feels overwhelming. Thankfully, I have learned to think about the long term consequences and not follow through on the desire to numb when it hits.” Remembering just how bad things could get and knowing everything that could be lost is what keeps Maria motivated to maintain her sobriety. A relapse would mean fracturing her relationship with her children and letting all the hard work of recovery go to waste.

Near the end of Maria’s program, she began to search for employment after 10 years of not having professional work experience. She needed to support herself and support her children. That’s when Unshattered entered the picture. Maria was offered an interview and decided to come and work with us, “I saw firsthand how they encouraged personal and professional growth. I felt they had my best interest at heart”. The community of other women who worked with Unshattered proved to be a big draw for her as well. Having the opportunity to work with others in recovery and become a part of a recovery community built up a stable support system in her life.

At the start, Maria had a hard time feeling proud of her accomplishments or skills. Our weekly meetings changed that. Our meetings give the women a chance to express gratitude for one another’s skills and receive encouragement from our founder, Kelly, and each other. Hearing others recognize her work and continue to support her has let Maria become confident in her abilities and seize opportunities she never would have in the past.

“I am incredibly grateful for Unshattered. It has been a safe haven for me after I completed and graduated from my recovery program at the Hoving Home. They have pushed me to grow and learn. Unshattered has been a gift.”

Maria’s goal now? Go to college! Receiving a college education has been a dream of Maria’s since she was a kid and striving to educate herself each day has brought her closer and closer to one day reaching that goal. Her faith in God has only gotten stronger over time, helping her realize change is possible. She continues to grow and heal while learning to be a healthier person, mother, and employee.