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Bags by Chanel

“I am grateful for my journey because it made me who I am."

Meet the Maker - Chanel

Tiffany smiles at the camera.

Suffering the devastating loss of her sister left Chanel without hope. She began using drugs and alcohol to try and address her pain and eventually hit rock bottom. Now in recovery, Chanel is living a joyful life together with her daughter. She has found renewed confidence and is excited about her future! 

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Every woman at Unshattered has a story. Just like these bags are handcrafted from upcycled materials and given new life, each woman is given a new chance to escape the cycle of addiction. When you carry this bag, you carry possibilities for every woman on our team and all the women still struggling who will one day find hope and also become Unshattered.

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Why Shop Unshattered?

When you shop bags at Unshattered, you are offering women a combination of community, employment, and personal and professional development. This combination gives them the opportunity to find their purpose and live an addiction-free life. Just like your handbag, these women are being made new again.