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Bags by Tiffany

"I was in addiction for 25 years, but that's not who I am anymore."
- Tiffany 
Community Liaison & Seamstress


Meet the Maker - Tiffany

Tiffany smiles at the camera.

Born addicted to heroin, Tiffany experienced significant trauma and loss. Spending most of her adult life in prison, she had no vision for a future. But she's the biggest smile you'll see in our boutique and rightfully proud of her incredible talent as an artisan!

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Every woman at Unshattered has a story. Just like these bags are handcrafted from upcycled materials and given new life, each woman is given a new chance to escape the cycle of addiction. When you carry this bag, you carry possibilities for every woman on our team and all the women still struggling who will one day find hope and also become Unshattered.