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Kristi's Story of Possibility



“I feel like I’m in an emotionally better place; I feel spiritually stronger than I’ve ever been able to be.”

Kristi’s life had ups and downs, she was a loving mother of two boys, and she had a close relationship with their father despite being separated from him. Sadly, things took a drastic turn when her son’s father took his life. Kristi didn’t know how to cope with her overwhelming grief. She says, “My family just didn’t understand why and said some hurtful things to me about it.” Feeling misunderstood and struggling to provide as a single parent led Kristi to drink as a way to cope with her pain. Instead of helping, the alcohol abuse quickly led to her eviction and subsequent homelessness. As her life spiraled, Kristi knew she would die if she continued living this way. Her love for her sons gave her the strength to reach out for help.


This was her turning point. 
Kristi entered a long-term recovery home and began the hard work of dealing with her grief. Kristi says, “I’ve learned that it’s not up to me; it’s up to God.” She began to flourish and reestablish healthy relationships with her sons. 


Then Kristi heard about Unshattered.
She wanted a fresh start and immediately felt in her heart that this was the perfect next step as she rebuilt her life. 


Kristi fell in love with the safe, healing-centered environment here at Unshattered.
Her positive attitude impacts everyone who meets her. She loves the coaching sessions and seeks to encourage all of her teammates.  She says, “I’m striving to become even stronger so I can cope with any feelings that come in a healthy way.” 


Today, Kristi is thriving.
Her remarkable recovery journey of coping with loss and finding purpose is a testament to her unwavering spirit and strength. Kristi is excited about the next chapter in her life. She is actively saving up to buy a house. She wants to make a mark on the world for good, and her determination is evident as she moves forward each day with joy and gratitude.